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Cannabis coaching is a type of health coaching that involves providing individualized guidance on how to best use medical cannabis for your symptoms.

Medical cannabis use and product selection can be overwhelming since cannabis comes in a wide variety of forms, strengths, and include many combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, acidic cannabinoids, and many others.

Dr. Abraham Benavides will gladly meet with you via televisit to discuss your cannabis wellness goals and provide up-to-date, scientific information to make decisions together.

Everyone from beginners to experienced consumers has questions about cannabis. No matter how basic or advanced your questions are, I break down the latest cannabis information for you in a simplified and understandable way.


As an evolving science, health professionals including nurses and doctors can also consult with me on how to best assist their patients using medical cannabis or for their own continued learning.


Healthcare providers are also welcome approve the patient’s new personalized cannabis action plan as an add-on to their formal treatment. Clients are encouraged to bring these cannabis action plans to their provider first before starting.

No, cannabis health coaching is not a substitute for your healthcare provider’s medical care or advice.

Abe is also not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice, either. You should always double check your local laws before buying, consuming, obtaining, growing, or transporting cannabinoids.

Should you want to use cannabis coaching as part of a formal treatment plan, you must bring your cannabis action plan to your provider first before taking any cannabis or CBD. Only your healthcare provider can tell you if cannabis is appropriate to incorporate into your treatment plan for any condition they diagnose.

You should always be open and honest with your medical provider about your history, any cannabinoid use, medications, and other substances you are taking.

Always speak to your healthcare provider first for any health concerns.

By meeting with Abe you acknowledge in the informed consent box that he is not a licensed healthcare provider responsible for your care, including diagnosis or management. Please see my disclaimers tab for more details.

You should always contact your healthcare provider first or seek local emergency services promptly for any health concerns, including mental health.

Abe is not licensed doctor, qualified provider, prescriber, nor can he issue any medical cannabis recommendations. Abe cannot give any medication recommendations or changes, and cannabis is not a substitute for approved treatments.

However, he can help you and your doctor come up with a cannabis action plan as long as you run it by them first. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

For cannabis recommendations in the DMV area, you can see Abe and Dr. Kogan at the George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine.

For cannabis recommendations outside the DMV area, GW CIM is partnered with Acute on Chronic.

Veriheal also offers medical cannabis recommendation services nationwide.

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